1991 The day of fall of Gokdepe fortress is posted in the Day of national sables. The 1st Conference of Humanitarian association of Turkmen of the world (May). The 3rd Plenum CC CPT. For preservation the USSR has expressed 97,9 % of the referendum participants (April). The assembly of the Movement Democratic reforms grouping "Gengesh" (The amalgamated council advisory). The putsch in Moscow. S.Niyazov cancels the decrees, acts and decisions CCEC. The meeting against Niyazov on Makhtymguly square. The decision of Plenum CC CPT about the liquidation of CC CPT Bureau. (August). The mass arrests during a beginning  of the opposition grouping "Democratic party" meeting at center of capital. (September). On referendum results for independent Turkmenistan have given back votes 94,1 % of the population. The law, which is pursuing public organizations not authorized by government. Ashgabat: a meeting of the chapters of the States of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. The 25th Congress CPT. The termination of activity CPT and creation the Democratic party of Turkmenistan (DPT), (December).

1992 Gumdag, Gyzyletrek: food revolts. The organizing Committee "Country party of validity" is created. Turkmenistan is a member of Conferences on safety and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE), (January). The visit of the State Secretary USA J., Bekker. The home arrests of dissenters in Ashgabat. The declaration by Turkmen communists about the constituent Congress. Turkmenistan is a member of Organization of economic Cooperation (OEC). The Laws are accepted: "About State symbolic", "About the denationalization and privatization's of the property "  (February). A national holiday "Novrus-Bayram" is officially marked for the first time. The deputy Supreme Soviet Aygul Tadjieva, writer Ak.-M.,Welsapar and English journalists BiBiCi are arrested. Turkmenistan is accepted in the members of UON. The announcement of S.,Niyazov cult by a part of nation-State ideology. The arrest and liquidation of the independent magazine "Dajanch" with the Declaration of the Rights and Freedom of the Person (on Turkmen language). The project of the new constitutions is published. S.Niyazov has visited Saudi Arabia. The visit of the minister of foreign businesses of Russia A., Kozyrev. The Public Soviet on business with the President is created . (April). The new Republics Constitution of presidential government is accepted, (May). An extraordinary unalternative elections Turkmenbashy in the president. The connection of Karabogasgol gulf  with the Caspian sea. The Study of the ministers is formed. The Presidential Counsil of Turkmenistan is abolished. The structure of Regional and districts management - hakimliky is formed (June). Turkmenistan is accepted by the member of SBSE. The visit of the senator of USA A., Krenstone (September). The deportation of the representatives of International amnesty from Turkmenistan: the lawyer Joseph, Millard and Nicole, Dakuort. The formal visit of S.Niyazov to Peoples Republic of China. (November). The creation of economic zones of free business. The visit of S.Niyazov to Kuwait. The diplomatic relations with Qatar has established (December).

1993 The free-of-charge consumption by the population of the electric power, gas, water is entered. (January). The decree about the right the possession and usage's of ground. (February). Washington: the failure of the  meeting of S.Niyazov with the President of USA. The governmental commission on study and objective illumination of a history of the people is created (March). Turkmenistan is the member of International organization of civil aircraft. The agreement between Turkmenistan and USA about trade. The visit of SBSE delegation. (April). The visit of the large group of Austrian firms and banks. The corporation "Iris" (USA) has received the sanction of a message the monitoring of seismic activity on the border with Iran. Britain-Netherlands company "Shell" has opened the representation in Ashgabat. (May). The visit of USA congressmen R.Torichilly and the group of USA businessmen. In Moscow the opposition grouping of the foreign businesses ex-minister A., Kuliev "Turkmenisan Fund " (TF) is registered. The visit of USA State delegation led by special the adviser of the State secretary of USA for the new independent States S., Talbott. The reduction to the oath of the ministers on a fidelity to the President. S.Niyazov visited the Headquarters of NATO, Commissioner of European economic community. The new conception of the aggressive politics oil-gas field until 2020; the long-term Belgian credit of $ 2 billion (September). The decision "About introduction of national currency and urgent measures on the organization of transition to market economy". The laws "About the monetary unit of Turkmenistan", "About the Central bank of Turkmenistan", "About the currency regulation", " The introduction of the national currency and the carriage of confiscation currency reform. (November). The in Statement of the property. Turkmenistan signed two bilateral agreements with the Russian Federation: "On Dual Citizenship" and "On the regulation of Migration Processes and the Protection of Migrants Rights" (December).

1994 The prolongation of the rule of Turkmenbashy  by the way of referendum up to the end of 2002. The 1st Congress of State Movement of national revival. (January). The decision about the free-of-charge maintenance of the population by the food salt. (February). The beginning of reforming of collective farms and State farms (March). The daily national oath on the fidelity Turkmenbashy is accepted. The official visit of the prime minister of State Council of Peoples Republic of China. (April). The World Bank has accepted the decision on allocation to Turkmenistan of the technical help $27 million for 20 years for the support of economic reforms (May). The beginning of mass arrests of the dissatisfied mode on suspicion in the drug habit. The promulgate of changes and additions to DC about the capital punishment under the articles for drugs  (September). Selective jail delivery of 6 thousand of prisoners. Moscow: the member of the administrative board of "Fond Turkmenistan" Kh., Esenov was beaten up by the strangers. The decision of European bank of reconstruction and development about the conveyance of the credit in $ 35 million on the support of business  (December).

1995 The Grain revolts in Serdar (Gyzylarbad), Balkanabad (Nebitdag), Gazanjik, Gumdag. The visit of S.Niyazov to Iran. (January). The antigovernment demonstration of youth. The mass arrests and rummages: in cities Ashgabat, Mary, Dashoguz (Dashkhowuz), Turkmenbashy, Gokdepe. The demonstration of protest. The dispersal of economic demonstration of Turkmen women  (July). A Problem of belonging boundary fields of petroleum between Turkmneistan and Uzbekistan (September).OUN officially recognized Turkmenistan as a neutral State (December).

1996 "The Treaties about friendship, cooperation and mutual aid between Turkmenia and Republic Uzbekistan". The conveyance of Kockdumalak oilfield (100 million tons) to Uzbekistan. Ashgabat: 27 participants of the demonstration in a summer of 1995 year were sent up to various terms of the prison conclusion. Serdar (Gyzylarbad): the hungry revolts of the Turkmen women. Ashgabat: the riot in prison. 14 of prisoners sending to the scaffold have grasped two hostages from the number of guards with the requirement of amnesty (January). Boldumsaz (Dashoguz (Dashkhowuz) Province): the economic manifestations of the women and children. (February-March). The riot of the prisoners in the prison of Mary. The visit of Z., Bjezinsky to Ashgabat (August). In the capital of Turkmenistan has entered the interdiction on the pleasure arrangement after 11 o'clock in the evening. (September)..

1997 The president of Turkmenistan has declared about the belonging of fields Azery and Chirag on the Caspian sea to Turkmenistan (January).The visit of S.Niyazov to Iran, then to India on the questions of gas transportation's  (February). The visit of S.Niyazov to Kazakhstan the discussion the question about the division of Caspy (March). The plan "1000 days" of modernization's of Turkmenian economy has accepted. The decree about the instatement through the auctions, stockmen, investment competitions. (April). Azerbaijan and Russia have agreed about upon joint development of the field Kiapas on Caspy Sea, belonging to Turkmenistan (July). The official visit of S.Niyazov to Iran. The joint Iranian - Turkmenian declaration about Caspy Sea. (August). The opening of the gas main Turkmenistan-Iran. (December). The convention with the European bank of reconstruction and development on 30 million of dollars for modernizing a port in Turkmenbashi town is signed (December). The Reception of the soft loans on the sum of $ 154 million from the World bank, the bank of reconstruction and development and Japanese fund of commonwealth with foreign countries by Turkmenistan.

1998 The law "About the appeal in court of actions of the officials breaking the constitutional rights". The visit of the President of Ukraine L., Kuchma. The subscription of 18 bilateral documents. The opening of a new building of embassy of Ukraine. The declaration on cooperation and 20 agreements with Ukraine. The agreement on deliveries of Turkmenian gas to Ukraine till 2005 in volume of 20 billion cub. m. (January) The amnesty of 7300 of prisoners with an oath on Koran to not make crimes. The working visit of S.Niyazov into Brussels; the meeting with the general secretary of NATO and prime minister of Belgium. (February). The first official visit of the President of Turkmenistan into the USA. The memorandums of cooperation in the agriculture and power. The amnesty to the participants of demonstration of the 1995 (April). The abolition of the central device of the Academy of Sciences. The visit of S.Niyazov to PRC. (August). The destruction of the armed grouping of military men of the south - western Turkmenistan acted against authorities (September). Meeting of Niyazov with the special adviser of the US President and the State secretary of USA on power development of the Caspian region Richard Morningstar(December 17). The Statute and Program of a Democratic Party was accepted on 2nd congress of the Democratic party of Turkmenistan(December 19). President of Ukraine L.Kuchma's visit in Turkmenistan (December 23-24).

1999 The Moslim vigil Oraza was declared by the decree of Turkmenbashi as a National day of repose (January). The convention on deliverings of Turkmen gas through the Trans-Caspian gas conduit in Turkey and Europe (February). The population of Turkmenistan has reached, on official data, 5 mln. people (March). In Istanbul are signed the conventions between USA, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan about construction of the Trans-Caspian gas conduit "Turkmenistan-Turkey" (November 18) . Elections of new parliament (December). Turkmenbashi by a decision of new parliament is elected as a lifelong president of the country (December 28). The president of Russia B.Yeltsin retires. The prime minister V.Putin is designated as acting president of Russia.

2000 The feeding of the Turkmen gas in Russia is restored. A refusal of the Turkmenistan president in involvement of construction of the Trans-Caspian gas conduit (February). Preparation of the convention about feeding in Russia 50 mlrd. cubometers of natural gas for the period of 30 years.  Testifying in Washington, DC before the congressional Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe of the  leader of the Turkmen political opposition in exile Avdy Kuliev (March).